Integrative Human Health Day 2018 - October 4th, 2018

Precision medicine and industry 4.0 : the need of an integrative approach?

1st part :

2pm-2:30pm :           Registration

2:30pm-3pm :           Welcome and Introduction                        

3pm-4:30pm :           Thematic workshops                                                                            

Precision medicine and integration will be treated by specialists from the following four fields : Ethics // Medicine // Emerging technologies // Pharma industry

4:30pm-5pm :            Coffee break

2nd part :

4:30pm-5pm :         Official registration

5pm-5:15pm :          Official opening                                                                        

5:15pm-6pm :          Key Note Speakers   

Four speakers from the medical community present their vision of precision medicine.

6pm-6:45pm :         Round table

Representatives from the industrial, medical and pharmaceutical communities as well as from the civil society will comment the results emerging from the afternoon's workshops.

6:45pm-7pm :        Aperitif and visit of partner's booths

7pm :                       Standing dinner and visit of partner's booths