Materials Facility



In the context of current advances in chemistry and materials science, synthetic and bio-inspired materials are constantly evolving towards higher performance, targeting applications such as tissue engineering and orthopaedics.

Our specialists and our network of academic partners offer high-level R&D and technical support in bio-inspired materials, from design and development to characterization. Data analysis and the interpretation of results are integral parts of the services provided by SICHH.

The Materials Facility is equipped with state-of-the-art instruments for polymer, hydrogels and nanoparticles synthesis and modification. Our equipment for material characterization is continually renewed thanks to partnerships with world-leading manufacturers. 

Facility's equipment

Atomic Force Microscopy - AFM

Investigation of surfaces down to the nanoscale

Confocal Microscope

Zeiss LSM 800 on an Axio Observer Z1 is a compact System for High-end Confocal Imaging

Morphologically-Directed Raman Spectroscopy

Automated measurement of particle size, shape and chemical identity in air and liquid


ZEISS Smartproof 5

Surface Analysis in Quality Assurance and Quality Control


Surface imaging and elemental analysis

High Resolution Mass Spectrometry

High performance hybrid quadrupole- time of flight mass spectrometer for MS and MS/MS analysis    

Facility's programs

Active Materials for Tissues Biointegration

development & characterization of materials for implantology

Bio-mimetic structures and systems

Mimicking natural structures to be applied on actual technological challenges