Press Releases

10th January 2018 (FR)

Suite à l'initiative du Swiss Integrative Center for Human Health (SICHH), l'Université de Fribourg ainsi que l'hôpital fribourgeois (HFR) seront pleinement intégrés dans le Swiss Personalized Health Network (SPHN) qui a pour objectif de soutenir des projets collaboratifs visant à développer la médecine de demain en Suisse.   

17th October 2017

Les startups accèdent à des techniques de pointe sans quitter le sol fribourgeois (FR)

Au sein du quartier d’innovation de Fribourg, la startup Particle Vision, coachée par l’incubateur de startup cantonal Fri Up, travaille avec le Swiss Integrative Center for Human Health (SICHH) dans le développement d’analyses de particules fines. Un exemple concret des synergies développées sur le site de blueFACTORY.

30th of May 2017

Liquid Biopsy: A New Step Towards Personalized Medicine (FR / DE)

A Research and Development Program for the Non-Invasive Detection of Diseases

15th of September 2016

After its launch in the United Kingdom, SICHH is the first center in Switzerland offering material characterization services with ZEISS Smartproof 5 Confocal Microscope.

24th of March 2016

Carl Zeiss AG joins the Swiss Integrative Center for Human Health SA (SICHH) reinforcing its official industrial partners network. This collaboration between the world leader in microscopy and SICHH will allow to explore new directions in the human health research with a high performance and state-of-the-art equipment. 

25 January 2016

The infinitely small is unveiled at the Swiss Integrative Center for Human Health (FR DE / IT)

Nanosurf and the Swiss Integrative Center for Human Health SA (SICHH) just signed an industrial partnership of significant importance. This alliance between the producer of high-tech equipment and SICHH will promote the availability of advanced technologies in the areas of human health and the study of materials. It is very unconventional that a high-tech enterprise of this type embarks on this kind of partnership with a center such as SICHH.

 17 November 2015

First Health Platform of the Capital Region Swiss (DE / FR)

Today the first health platform of the Capital Region Swiss is taking place in Fribourg. By launching the Health Platform, the Region Capital Swiss provides a meeting place where key players in the field can exchange on a regular basis. The aim is to build an innovative network in order to best position the regional health sector both nationally and internationally.

8 May 2015

New strategic partner (FR / DE)
Fribourg Hospital (HFR) consolidates the strategic partnership with SICHH SA to facilitate the collaboration between the two institutions, both offering complementary activities in applied research and technological innovation.

28 January 2015

The team of the Swiss Integrative Center for Human Health (SICHH) is proud of the success of the 4th edition of the SICHH Forum about «Food Tech» (Food Technologies). The launch of the pioneering «Immersive Experience» (IE) and the possibility to meet the experts in the field of «FoodTech» attracted more than 120 participants.

22 January 2015

«Food Tech»: Between tradition and innovation. 4th Forum by the Swiss Integrative Center for Human Health (SICHH) (FR / DE / IT)
For its 4th edition, the SICHH Forum conjugates the tradition of the canton of Fribourg with cutting edge innovations in the area of food technology. For the first time, the SICHH Forum has the pleasure to invite the participants to play an active part in its new «Immersive Experience»!

The Swiss Integrative Center for Human Health (SICHH) is proud to announce a partnership with the University of Neuchâtel (UniNE), which possesses specialized scientific research skills in fields such as chemistry and biology. Accessing these specialized skills and expertise is key to the functioning of this center (SICHH) launched by the Fribourg University (UniFR) in 2013, whose core mission is to catalyze R&D projects. In parallel the SICHH gives UniNE’s researchers access to its high-tech infrastructure for fundamental research.

25 September 2014

The SICHH Forum held on September 16th was a great success! More than 90 participants originating from both industry and academia have met for the SICHH Forum «Data Visualization & Big Data » on the premises of the EIKON School of art and communication in Fribourg. Four world-renowned speakers have stimulated very intense and interesting exchanges and discussions between the audience and the experts of this event.

26 June 2014

May 2014 has been synonymous with success for the Swiss Integrative Center for Human Health. On one side it counts from Mai 26th a new major strategical partner with Agroscope. On the other side, the State Council of Fribourg (Grand Conseil / Grosser Rat) has widely accepted the decree funding the center for 12 millions Swiss Francs during its session between the 13th and 16th of May. These two events offer new perspectives for the center, especially in the Foodtech field.

1 April 2014

This press release, as you may have guessed was an April Fool, as so reported in the articles of La liberté and 24 Heures. Nevertheless, we wish to clarify that the immagination of our employees is based on the potential of future platforms SICHH, and all stages from genome sequencing to Industrial Collaboration (except perhaps the actual cloning) will be achievable in the center once the SICHH Collaboratory will be operational.

26 March 2014

15 October 2013 

Le Swiss Integrative Center for Human Health lance son Forum à la blueFactory (FR / DE)

11 April 2013 

11 June 2012 

26 January 2012