life sciences

Diagnostic of Human Diseases & Safety Assessment

Life sciences cover a wide range of research activities and diverse disciplines to tackle the complexity of biological matters such as evolutionary biology, biotechnology, ethology, medicine. Hence, such scientific projects require transdisciplinary efforts at the cross-roads between biology, chemistry, physics and data treatment and the lack of such interactions often leads to experimental bias or unsubstituated conclusions that ultimately affect the outcome of lengthy and costly research.

SICHH is in that sense a unique competence center, where our specialists in biology, chemistry, material sciences, data treatment and ergonomy interact closely in our customers’ projects. Our Life Science activities comprise two research programs (Liquid Biopsy for Early Detection of Diseases and Food Origin Safety and Quality) and are open to on-demand research. Here are a few examples of projects that have been successfully completed:

  • Identification of potential biomarkers for early detection in cancer by NGS and bioinfomatic analysis.
  • Development of methods for the detection of key biological ingredients in food stuffs and cosmetic products.
  • Study of population diversity in microbiome samples.
  • Identification of protein markers by mass spectrometry for non-invasive early detection of neurodegenerative disesases.

Furthermore, our team possesses a significant academic experience and can therefore provide support in the selection of the most appropriate source of funding, writing of research proposals and articles and management of complex projects.

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