Combination of materials having different chemical and/or physical properties, and modification of surfaces bringing together different functionalities are large and challenging topics for researchers working in materials science field. Know-how in materials science, biology, chemistry and physics is then fundamental in order to push further on the development of smart and functional materials.

This kind of breakthrough research demands for cutting-edge equipment working at the frontier between fabrication and characterization. SICHH specialists offer their support in this complex field by the integration of key competences inside the center ranging and having access to a large network of researchers outside. Moreover, the strict and continuous collaboration with the equipment suppliers, which joined the center as industrial partners, assures not only the access to a large range of new instruments, but also the possibility to develop custom solutions according to your research goals.

Materials assembling and coating can be developed in the Materials platform with special focuses on biomaterials for tissue regeneration and osteointegration, self-cleaning surface and drug delivery. SICHH also offers solutions for altering and characterize a large range of surface properties and characteristics as among the others:

  • hydrophilicity/hydrophobicity
  • roughness
  • texture
  • functionality
  • reactivity

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