Pipeline for technology exchanges around the world


SwissTechnologyHub is a technology pipeline between Switzerland and Brazil. The program offers an ideal framework to facilitate exchanges between academia, politics, industry and public institutions in both countries to valorize technologies related Medtech, Foodtech, Biotech and Pharma.

SwissTechnologyHub Brazil

Launched at the end of 2015 at the initiative of SICHH, Swiss Technology Hub (STH) was officially launched during the summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Aimed at building a technological pipeline between the two countries, the program exports the technologies of the center's academic partners and promotes joint innovation between Brazilian and Swiss actors.

Following an economic mission in July 2015 in several regions of Brazil, Jean-Marc Brunner, CEO, has identified a great potential for synergies between the two countries, particularly in the Rio de Janeiro region. This is how the idea of ​​building a technology pipeline between the two countries, led by the SICHH and Rio Negocios, was born, a local economic promotion.

On the Swiss side of the pipeline, the SICHH selects technologies from public institutions ready for commercialization and export. The center also connects Swiss private companies wishing to find contacts in Brazil.

On the Brazilian side, the Rio Negocios economic promotion agency provides key contacts in the private sector. Thus, the SICHH becomes a showcase of the technologies of its Swiss partners for Brazilian contacts. The STH program therefore makes it possible to increase the attractiveness of the Swiss market and help Brazilian companies to settle in Switzerland.

The program was set up with the invaluable assistance of Rio Negocios, the Swiss Consulate in Rio, as well as Switzerland Global Enterprise and Swissnex.

The launch of Swiss Technology Hub took place from 9 to 11 August 2016, at the rhythmic pace of the Olympic Games. On a three-day window, a program enriched with the most diverse innovative technologies, attracted about one hundred participants from the public and private domain of both countries.

In order to enhance the Swiss technological know-how in the field of health care, a Swiss delegation, constituted by the SICHH, its academic partners and reinforced by a representation of the economic promotion of the Canton of Friborg, has exploded for Brazil. Beat Vonlanthen, State Counselor, also joined the event with the aim of developing relations with this promising market, which is South America. On the Brazilian side, some forty institutions from different regions and domains were represented. This provided an overview of Brazil's current technological needs as well as its scientific advances.

Opportunities for collaboration resulted from these first meetings, which will help to strengthen technological exchanges between the two countries. A first venture was set up at the Vivier site in the canton of Friborg.