State-of-the-art facility equipment & technologies

SICHH is organized in 5 facilities regrouped in the Collaboratory:

  • Health Facility : Genome sequencing and proteomics
  • Ergonomics Facility: The human-machine interaction and an effective visualization of complex results
  • Materials Facility: Microscopy and materials characterization
  • Arithmetics Facility: Analysis and interpretation of results; modelling and simulation data
  • Tech Facility: Laboratory support and services

Official Industrial Partners

Supporting Organizations

High-performance and last-generation equipment available in the facilities

Atomic Force Microscopy - AFM

Investigation of surfaces down to the nanoscale

Automated Plate Reader

Cell and Molecular-Based Assays

Confocal Microscope

Zeiss LSM 800 on an Axio Observer Z1 is a compact System for High-end Confocal Imaging

High Resolution Mass Spectrometry

High performance hybrid quadrupole- time of flight mass spectrometer for MS and MS/MS analysis    

Morphologically-Directed Raman Spectroscopy

Automated measurement of particle size, shape and chemical identity in air and liquid


High End Equipment for DNA and RNA Sequencing

Super Computing

A supercomputers infrastructure to manage, analyze and visualize various types of data generated in all areas related to human health


ZEISS Smartproof 5

Surface Analysis in Quality Assurance and Quality Control