High Resolution Mass Spectrometry

High performance hybrid quadrupole- time of flight mass spectrometer for MS and MS/MS analysis    

Synapt G2-Si by Waters

The high resolution mass spectrometer (HR-MS) coupled to liquid chromatography (LC) are commonly used in the applications such as metabolite profiling, proteomics, biomarker discovery and biopharmaceuticals.

The Synapt G2-Si is a quadrupole time of flight mass spectrometer with ion mobility enabling the differentiation of samples not only by mass but also by size and shape.

This instrument can work in sensitivity mode (10.000 FMWH), resolution mode (20.000 FMWH) and high resolution mode (40.000 FMWH) in function of the analyte to be determined.

Both CID and ETD fragmentation techniques can be used to increase identification.

The MS is coupled with an ACQUITY IClass and nanoACQUITY MClass (UPLC®) System for LC-MS and LC-MS/MS experiments.

Both qualitative and quantitative analyses can be performed routinely on the same instrument while providing high sensitivity, selectivity and reproducibility.

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