Super Computing

A supercomputers infrastructure to manage, analyze and visualize various types of data generated in all areas related to human health

Super Computing

Data generated nowadays in the fields of life sciences and materials sciences need to be processed by supercomputers. These machines possess a high level of computing performance, with the following characteristics:

  • A distributed compute infrastructure (consisting of a large number of fast computers linked together in a high-speed network), allowing parallel processing of a large amount of data simultaneously
  • A large storage infrastructure for data management
  • Various dedicated software and databases for data analysis
  • With calculations which can be placed in queues, allowing work to run 24/7

At SICHH, in our site in Fribourg, we host some of these infrastructures. We also use the Vital-IT supercomputers, which consists of 6000 compute cores and 6 petabytes of storage, located on five different sites, in Geneva and Lausanne.

We also benefit from the expertise of the Vital-IT staff, in computational infrastructure, software development, data management, biological data analysis, web technology and trans-disciplinary research.