The best of academic research made available to private companies

Every dynamic start-up, well-established SME or big multinational enterprise needs to be innovative. Innovation might be solving a technical problem, improving the manufacturing processes or adapting the business model. It is in any case taking the risk to do something differently.  

At SICHH, we innovate while integrating the recent discoveries and technologies from the research labs. We are an innovation catalyzer and technology incubator. We own high-tech equipment and collaborate with more than ten academic partners.  

The proposed public-private partnership aims to provide the industry solutions to R&D challenges with advanced equipment and highly specialized skills in the areas of medical technology, namely Biotech, Medtech, Foodtech and Pharma. This new concept will enable small and medium-sized innovative enterprises, start-ups and larges companies to outsource part of their R&D. We can provide you services in multiple areas of research, as for example:  

  • Materials and surface Characterization
  • Sequencing NGS
  • Genomic Profiling
  • Chemical Synthesis
  • Particle Analysis
  • Proteomic Profiling
  • Bioinformatics and biostatistics
  • Biological and Microbiological Analysis
  • Authenticity and traceability
  • Big data analysis and visualization
  • Biobanking
  • Business Intelligence Center
  • Consulting
  • Image Analysis  

Our Forum is the entry point for the networking among industries and academia. We organize regularly events and create synergies around specific topics of interest.   

Our Project Management Center follows all the projects, small and challenging all along their life cycle at SICHH or outside SICHH if the collaborations are done with one of our academic partners. We monitor the projects evolution in a professional manner.   Our new Business Intelligence Center can support enterprises and start-ups for all business activities, it has a global vision of the SICHH activity and is responsible for the promotion of the platform's interdisciplinarity, allowing to focus on innovation and value creation.   

We provide support in Found Raising, Consulting on R&D, management of Intellectual Property (IP) and in Tech Dissemination.  

Our Competencies for Industrial Companies


A new era of developments using biomolecules, drug, sensors and IT    

Cosmetics for healthcare

Integration of competences for skin care market   


Solutions for the production and distribution of alimentary products

Biotech & Pharma

Characterization of New Active Compounds and Formulations