Cosmetics for healthcare

Integration of competences for skin care market   

Skin care represents nowadays a market at the interface between personal care and medical cosmetics. The edge it is not well defined facilitating a continuous contamination between the two words. However, the two markets are differently regulated: the first regards products intendent to cleanse and beautify, the second to cure, treat or prevent skin diseases.

Products having the double aim of preventing disease and beautify, as for example high quality sunscreens, are more and more demanding for additional research and tests. In this landscape, microbiology helps in the development of appropriate product lines for different phenotypes and ages, encapsulation methods allow to fabricate suitable delivery systems, nanotribology tests identify the existing link between product properties (i.e. viscosity) and sensory phenomena (i.e. tactile feeling).

The integration of different competences is thus the key for the development of products in the skin care field. SICHH together with its partners offers full access to specialists and large range of equipment to fulfill the questions and needs of companies working at the edge between cosmetics and healthcare.