Solutions for the production and distribution of alimentary products

The past century has brought a considerable increase of the importance of technology in the production and invention of new food products. This affects all the aspects of the production chain, from the way we cultivate or breed plants and herds, the way we storage them, cook them and finally deliver them.

Along this process, the original material is often extremely modified, can be subject to contamination, mix up of ingredients due to improper or wrong labeling. Ultimately the end-product may accidentally be very different from the original goals and claims, which can be translated into public scandals in the case of contamination with pathogens or false labeling.

Thus more and more efforts are put in he development of methods that allow the precise biological, physical and chemical characteristics of food products during their production to answer two key questions:

  • How to optimize the manufacturing to guarantee the expected nutritional facts.
  • How to identify and trace key ingredients and potential contaminants.

To help you deal with those very important matters, our specialists in microbiology, biochemistry and material science provide consulting and experimental input.

Here are a few examples of typical tests we develop:

  • Detection of pathogenic bacteria by PCR.
  • Identification of trace amounts of a key ingredient in dairy products.
  • Detection of substances transferred from packages and their potential toxic effects.