Our competency in analytical chemistry and molecular biology can help you develop tests for the authenticity and traceability of your products.

Food and biotech industries have an increasing need to be able to unequivoqually identify key components or potential contaminants of their products. In fact, manufacturing processes involve often a large number of ingredients that require to be precisely labeled and communicated for regulatory reasons. To that end, our center proposes its customer to develop molecular assays tailor-made for their highly sensitive and specific applications.

Examples of such experiments comprise:

  • Detection of DNA by PCR based techniques
  • Identification of specific proteins
  • Identification of specific metabolites

Moreover, we closely interact with other third party companies to go even beyond such assay development and, for example, port in house develop tests to point of care devices such as lateral flow assay. Thank to this flexibility and access to innovative new technologies, we thus also address the key question of ease of access and ease of use of the tests developed, which is often crucial for our customers who may not have specialized devices or competencies in house.