Hosting Samples Safely

The purpose of a biobank is to host samples such as cells, tissues and bacteria in a safe manner, and over a long period of time. At SICHH, we can provide 2 Nitrogen tanks (each tank can contain up to 9000 tubes) in vapor phase to avoid contaminations with mycoplasma. These tanks are self-filled and are temperature controlled with a Labguard alarm. Moreover we can also provide storage at -80°C. Both deep-freezers are from Panasonic, with double compressor, which is an additional security. We are planning to acquire a LIMS system to be able to trace samples that clients host in our biobank. Linked to the biobank, a P2 laboratory, equiped with 2 laminar flow and 2 CO2-controled incubators allow to work under strict conditions of sterility. We can also provide a microbiological laboratory.