Development of detection systems for pathogenic or spilling microorganisms

We use the latest discoveries in biochemistry to help you detect specific molecules that can be used for sensitive and unbiased detection, identification and enumeration of living organisms. To that end, our specialists develop molecular techniques based on amplification of DNA, NGS or mass spectrometry analysis.

Typical applications comprise:

  • Detection of microorganism at any point of the production chain for food, biotech and medtech products.
  • Identification of biological ingredients of food stuffs, such as GMOs, potential allergens.
  • Microbiome analysis.

Take advantage of the unequaled speed of molecular methods to release your goods faster. We design and validate assays relative to detection and quantification of microorganisms in food or other matrices:

  • Optimization of sample extraction and purification.
  • PCR-based methods.
  • Next-Generation Sequencing.
  • Detection of specific biomarkers or molecular profiling by mass spectrometry