Cell Biology

Complementary Techniques for Pre-Clinical Studies

Nowadays, the development of new active compounds or new biocompatible materials requires thorough pre clinical testing to prove its efficacy and novelty. Such research is based on diverse and complementary cell biology techniques rarely found simultaneously, which often implies multiple interactions with various partners, leading to loss of time, increasing the chance of leakage of information.

The Swiss Integrative Center for Human Health provides its user's state-of-the-art equipment in diverse aspects of cell biology. Typical applications include studies on drug uptake, interaction with target molecules, cytotoxic effects. Our services are run by highly skilled personnel with a track record in the NGS field.

Our equipment:

  • Zeiss LSM 800 fluorescence confocal microscope
  • Flex-ANA Atomic Force Microscope by Nanosurf for single cell studies
  • Spark 10M plate reader by Tecan

Some key point about our cell biology services:

Our offer is a à la carte service: Take what you need only!

Consulting: We help you define the best strategy and take care of the experimental design.

Advanced analysis and reporting of the results, including scientific publications.

Thanks to a set of sequencers, SICHH can start providing cell biology services very quickly. As soon your sample arrives, we prepare the library and organize a run.