Chemical Synthesis

Integrative solutions for chemical synthesis, formulation and analytical characterisation

Innovation in active ingredients and delivery systems often arises from the adjustment of composition, precise control over nanoscale structure and change in encapsulation technology.

Our interdisciplinary team of experts is prepared to respond to challenges so you can resolve issues or design your new product. Our services include: small molecule and both free and controlled/"living" polymerization, active ingredient encapsulation and formulation optimisation (LINK FCHC program).

For the MedTech Industry, specific binding of biomolecules can be provided in order to improve materials properties at the interface with living tissues and induce specific biological cues at the surface on synthetic substrates (LINK AMTR program).

In function the specific needs, SICHH can offer chemical modification and nano-patterning of surfaces. The sample processing techniques are further combined with the on site analytical capabilities and scientific expertise that enable us to provide rapid and reliable methods to improve the properties of your scaffolds or delivery systems.