Next Generation Sequencing

Transcriptome and Microbiome Analysis as well as Targeted Sequencing

Our mission at the Genomic branch of the Health Facility of the Swiss Integrative Center for Human Health is to provide its users the state-of-the-art in nucleic acid analysis technologies. To fulfil its mission SICHH did acquire a versatile Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) capacities to answer your needs. Typical applications include transcriptome and microbiome analysis as well as whole genome and targeted sequencing. Our platform is supported by various New Generation Sequencers that allow us great flexibility in term of project as well as a fast processing of your samples. Our services is run by highly skilled personnel with track record in the NGS field.

Our Sequencers:

  • NextSeq 500 for larger project (eg. Human whole genome, whole exome, RNA-Seq, Deep-sequencing, …)
  • MiSeq for medium-size projects (amplicon based sequencing, microbiome studies, prokaryotic genome sequencing, …)
  • MinION, a third-generation sequencer with long read (>10kb). Take advantage of Nanopore sequencing for 16S sequencing or combine Illumina sequencing data with MinION long read to scaffold your genome. For research purpose only.

Some key point about our Sequencing Facility:

  • Our offer is a à la carte service: Take what you need only!
  • Consulting: We help you define the best sequencing strategy and take care of the experimental design.
  • Library preparation: Just send us your DNA / RNA or come with your own library
  • QC: We always perform quality control on the incoming material, if the minimal quality required isn’t achieved we don’t process your sample thus saving you time and money. Libraries are quantified either my qPCR or by Qubit and run on a Fragment analyser
  • Library multiplexing: Already generated some libraries? We pool them we a cost-effective sequencing -Don’t wait for a free lane! At SICHH a sequencing project is a tailor-made project.

Here at SICHH and because of our various sequencers devices, we're not going to make you wait: as soon your sample arrives we prepare the library and organise a run.