A comprehensive audit of the product, from the usability to the user experience.

Companies investing in the markets (e.g., consumer goods to e-health) may need external support to evaluate usability and user experience related to their product:

  • Assessing the device or the application’s usability (i.e. whether the function for which it has been designed works),
  • Evaluating the device or application’s user experience (UX, i.e. whether the process of using it engages the user into a positive emotional interaction)

We propose a comprehensive and multi-level evaluation framework which integrates a realm of expertise from behavioral scientists, psychologists and engineers. The service we provide consists in a clear visual guide lines (dashboard with performance and position with respect to other products in the market, level of usability and overview of user comfort). It can also take the form of a clear set of recommendations and proposals for improving the product based on our unique multi-level evaluation.

Identifying the right target populations and their specific needs can help to increase the acceptance of your product and ensure its success.